What is going on at our southern border is a disgrace! We are allowing people to flock to our borders with no regard to what they are doing to our great nation, nor how many suffer horrible abuse and/or die on the way here. If the border were closed, coyotes could not prey on those trying to get here.

I was in Belgium. The folks there were laughing at the United States saying this is the most successful invasion of another country in world history. They say the United States was invaded by a foreign country that never had to fire a single shot. They are correct.

The Democrats are more concerned for a Democratic vote by an illegal alien than they are for the welfare of this great nation. This is proven by the fact this administration turned away Cuban refugees who typically vote Republican because they know how bad socialism is. The Cubans were told they would be sent back.

Why the double standard? It’s all about the vote. It is time to contact your representatives and tell them to secure the border. Remember, vote against every incumbent at every election going forward. Let’s get someone in office who cares about you and this great nation and not just themselves.

Wade Holt


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