The Sound of (Donald’s) Silence

Hello Twitter, my old friend

I’ve come to rant through you again

But then a vision on my screen repeating

Said I was permanently banned from tweeting

And the vision that removed my great domain

Still remains

Amid the sound of silence.

In restless dreams I walked alone

Down White House halls, my cover blown

’Neath the gaze of an admiring mirror

I checked my hair but then as I drew nearer

My eyes were stabbed by the lackeys no more in sight

Who split that night

Amid the sound of silence.

And on Fox News that night I saw

Ten thousand morons, maybe more

People touting my conspiracies

People shouting for my tyrannies

People backing wrongs that my fawning media shared

And no one dared

Replace the sound with silence.

“Fools” said I, “You cannot know,

As I to Mar-a-Lago go

I will still find a way to take your money

While I play golf where it is warm and sunny.”

And my words were conveniently set aside

Though some died

Amid the loyal silence.

Still my people bow and pray

To me, their god, and well they may

Though the signs warn that the end is nearing

In whispered words I’d rather not be hearing

And the signs say, “The piles of your profits may not buy you out of prison walls;

A president falls

And fades into the sound of silence.”

Tom Schmidt

East Montpelier

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