Let us consider rodeo for what it really is: animal cruelty.

Social climate changes slowly but it nonetheless changes. Where once bullfighting, dogfighting and cockfighting were considered forms of entertainment. They are now banned in some European countries and some jurisdictions of the U.S.

Tradition is no excuse for cruelty; it is time for new traditions.

No agricultural purpose is served in abusing these rodeo animals for cash, a cheap trophy, point standings and an adoring crowd blind to the animal suffering

Please do not bring your children to a rodeo, it only teaches them animal abuse is OK. Instead, educate them to show respect and kindness, to not treat animals inhumanely for entertainment.

Finally, take the time to research rodeos, learn of flank straps (one video I found the narrator states flank strap doesn’t hurt bulls or horses, it’s like me tickling your armpits. What? Don’t forget the extra points riders can get for more aggressive use of boot spurs on the animal.

As stated before: It's time for new beliefs, new behavior and new traditions — rodeo has had its day.

Daniel Crowe


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