If you can’t do everything, don’t do anything is the connived response John McClaughry and Jeffrey Wennberg make to Greta Thunberg’s anguished call that our house is burning down.

Scrap the multi-state plan to tax gasoline distributors to reduce gas use and slow car’s carbon emissions (TCI) they scream: the amounts are too puny to have much effect, and if they’re raised enough to be effective, the driving public will revolt. Just sit on the Australian beach and admire the marvelous flames. We love our cars and burning gas. Bring your own folding chair and watch, maybe sip a beer. But don’t mess with the world we created, we love it. It's the same love with the same consequences found in "Ring of Fire."

I wonder if it's possible for thoughtful people, perhaps like McClaughry and Wennberg to leave the Republican “Ostrich party” and get their heads up to gaze to a future where our government can plan thousands of small steps that will keep us out of the ring of fire, even if they are inconvenient or indeed painful.

Thoughtful people have described oil as capitalism’s infernal obscenity, “The Devil’s excrement.” It corrupts all it touches. It’s a ring of fire. A modest plan is better than denial of impending disaster. Why not embrace it, and other possible solutions?

Kimberly B. Cheney


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