I read Deb Bucknam's commentary published by The Times Argus this past weekend. The title drew my attention and therefore, I read it through the very last line, which repeats the title, as a sort of conclusion or seal to your very professional comments. They are comments that are essentially of a legal nature, comments that I wholeheartedly agree with.

But, Ms. Bucknam, your title or your conclusion are not. The issue of abortion has divided this country in two, but not necessarily along party lines. Your conclusion implies that being progressive is bad, or that all who are progressive are in favor of abortion. With all due respect, I totally disagree with your conclusion, as I always disagree with generalizations. It voided all the intelligent, professional, well-put legal dissertations of your commentary.

I am a naturalized American by my own choice and freewill. I was raised and educated in Europe, a part of the world that is undeniably more progressive than this country. Yet, the Europeans are as divided as the Americans are on the issue of abortion. Because abortion is not a political or a religious issue, it is an ethical issue, and it is a very complex ethical issue. The law shall set limits, shall define what is considered to be a crime, but shall not go as far as trumping on the conscience of a human being.

Allow me to suggest an in-depth review of progressive themes. You will find there are many good-natured thoughts and ideas, generous, kind, compassionate and respectful of human life and of human dignity. The comment of a very progressive man with strong reservations about abortion.

Dr. Ing. Giordano Checchi


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