The pipe bomb terrorist and the massacre at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh should wake up anyone who has somehow slept through the last decade to the recognition that American fascism is here, mobilized, racialized and an immediate threat to every community.

This is a sickness eating away the heart of the nation, and it has incubated in a Republican Party that prostrates itself before a strutting, mendacious psychopath. Those who bankroll Republicans, whose forerunners Teddy Roosevelt called “malefactors of great wealth,” not only ravage the planet in pursuit of “shareholder value,” they are riding the back of this murderous tiger of white rage and paranoia to protect and consolidate their private fortunes.

There is nothing conservative in the Republican agenda. It is not about rebalancing the regulatory environment or enhancing and protecting personal freedoms. It is not about liberating entrepreneurial energies or preserving established institutions or affirming traditional values. It is certainly not about democracy, which Republicans have enthusiastically suppressed to shore up their minority rule. It’s about plunder and power.

Until the Republican Party rids itself of this virus, it ought not to receive a single vote at any level of government.

R.D. Eno


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Yeah, those darn Republican Antifa folks are really going wild :-/

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