The Republican Party through Trump wants us to "stay true to our cause," but they fail to mention what their cause is. Let me help:

They've re-empowered and expanded a culture of rape and racism and pushed for walls so we can hide in fear from the rest of existence. They've actively and joyfully attacked our only source of food, water, air and shelter (the physical environment) for their own gluttonous, economic reward and turned up the heat for wars so they can profit even more. They're busy trying to destroy every last vestige of our democratic institutions and installing fascism in all its ugliness.

These are just a very few examples of their cause. The Trump-McConnell-Republican political party has, with exuberance, turned its back on our children's future and is merrily busy trying to return every last evil of the mid-1900s.

Trump's "cause" is definitely not my cause. Trump's "cause" is that of rapists and racists and gluttonous people. Trump's "cause" is the destruction of the very systems we depend on for life just so they can make a few bucks. Trump's "cause" is a militaristic, authoritarian government run by the filthy rich for the filthy rich.

If you're reading this and saying "yeah, but," then you are just as guilty of enabling as those that say "I'm a Trump-McConnell-Republican" in word or action.

I have a much better cause with a future for the kids.

Rama Schneider


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Wow Rama! So you suggest all Republicans are racist, hate women and the environment. That is a "new" is the DNC election playbook and is totally wrong and false! Evil to many is anti-God, anti-unborn life, anti-elderly life, sexual deviance away from reproductive sexuality, pro-drugs, pro-gambling, pro-prostitution, (Epstein pro-pedophilia). All of these things are supported and endorsed by..the Left. Fascism, marxism, progressivism, socialism are all the same-authoritarian and anti-freedom and anti-individual liberty. The Left also is against individual liberty in the form of speech, religion, gun rights, privacy and even health choices, (other than the freedom to have an abortion)


Actually Kirk he did. Just missing the comma. Now you wouldn't hold that as a big deal would you!? "I have a much better cause with, a future for the kids." If it is fair game to go after one character how 'bout your "droll cup dribble" Did you mean "drool cup dribble" by any chance? And if you did, wouldn't that make drool redundant to dribble? Unless it was your being curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement or, just sarcasm.


All of the above Al, 'droll' (mirthful or funny), and dribble (oozing) :-)


"I have a much better cause with a future for the kids."...….well, let's hear about it :-/


Well...…...I'm offended (sarcasm). In all of your droll cup dribble, you never mentioned the wonderful causes to that which you elude :-/

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