The Chinese are out to destroy our sovereignty. President Biden has the same objective with his cradle-to-grave agenda. Speaker Pelosi’s proposed congressional actions are motivated by her belief “Capitalism isn’t working” and more government is the answer.

Our education system has failed with students ranking near the bottom when compared to other industrialized nations. It’s focusing on how white hate has influenced our policies that are degrading our culture. Educators are also influencing students with a progressive agenda that mirrors socialism similar to what communist China advocates.

Free elections in this country, that used to be the highlight of our democracy, are being threatened. House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1 nationalize our elections, covers candidate campaign expenses, promotes mail-in ballots, requires no voter ID and permits ballot harvesting. These changes will lead to one-party rule similar to China and other dictatorial countries.

Gordon Chang, a China expert frequently quoted in national publications, indicates the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has declared war against Americans. With current policies proposed by President Biden and his party, the CCP objective is on its way to fruition.

Frank Mazur

South Burlington

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Mike from Worcester

What we have is "End-Stage Capitalism" whereby Corporations evade paying taxes while America's wealth goes into fewer and fewer hands. "Cradle to grave"?

Our medications are unaffordable, our health care system is an inadequate bankrupter of families, our educational system is absurdly expensive and leaves life time debt when people could be starting families and buying homes, our fair elections are being destroyed by lies and restrictive laws, we rely on private funding to take care of our homeless, suicidal vets, our children go to to bed hungry and the solution is obviously to allow the wealthy to pay less and less in taxes or no taxes at all while squeezing the American worker for more while sending jobs overseas.


Thanks Frank. I met Gordon September 10, 2021.

Brian Judd

Ward 2 Barre

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