I read the hit piece on Rush Limbaugh that you ran in your Feb. 18 paper. It was one of the most disgusting articles you have ever printed. To vilify someone you do not like after their death is cowardly and sick.

Whether or not you like or agree with Rush, he loved this country and tried to get it back on the right track. I doubt you have ever read any of his Rush Revere series on American history. He was for fiscal responsibility. Something liberals do not understand. He preached American exceptionalism, something liberals abhor. He recognized and appreciated the very freedoms we have that are now under assault. He was called awful names that did not match his character.

If more people had gotten to know Rush and had followed his radio show, they would have learned just how wrong they were about him. You could not do that. You were not about to let a staunch conservative die without taking one last chance to denigrate him and drive a stake through his heart. You took the occasion to publicly smear him and gloat over his death.

Whether we believe it not, one day we will all stand before God and give an account of the things we have done on this Earth. I would suggest you start changing the way you treat people and pray for forgiveness while there is still time. We should all strive to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. 

Wade Holt


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Mike from Worcester

Rush did not love this country. He loved the money he made by recreating Father Conklin and his ilk. His words and actions are not erased by his death. He was a misogynist to the extreme. He laughed at dying AIDS victims to musical accompaniment. He called twelve year Chelsea Clinton "the White House dog". He shook his body onstage to mimic and laugh at Michael J Fox's Parkinson's disease. His conspiracy theories ranged from baldfaced lies about Barack Obama’s birthplace — the president “has yet to have to prove that he’s a citizen,” he said falsely in 2009 — to claims that Mr. Obama’s 2009 health care bill would empower “death panels” and “euthanize” elderly Americans. In the Limbaugh lexicon, advocates for the homeless were “compassion fascists,” women who defended abortion rights were “feminazis,” environmentalists were “tree-hugging wackos.” He called global warming a hoax. Last year, as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the nation, Mr. Limbaugh pushed dangerous lies, at one point likening the coronavirus to the common cold. 5000,000+ dead and more to come with the help of this anti masker. His death is no cause to forgive and forget the the damage he did, the lies he spread, the hatred he sowed.


If you don't care for the way some folks speak, why listen?!? There are folks who do not care for the way you speak, but on the tiny soapbox that some of us who perch makes little to no difference in the world we inhabit. Meanwhile, on a larger stage, little Choey Biden speaks from the pulpit without a mask in a Federally owned building, and instructs the general public that they must wear a mask in Federally owned property........what a 'lord and savior' in charge we have. Forty-seven+ years of lying, deception, and basically no meaningful accomplishments. As Medea would say......"Lort help us all" :-/

Mike from Worcester

I suppose you would not disparage Stalin because he is dead. What nonsense. NOTHING stated was untrue. The President was safely distanced. "Little Choey Biden"? What is that? 'Adulterous lying thieving bankrupt oath breaking treaty violating bigot nazi kkk loving veteran POW hating sippy cup and ramp needing trump' had a Covid vacine shot and kept it secret. Gave Covid to his staff. 4 years of 30,000 documented lies trump (actually a life time for this Roy Cohn protegee). Skip the cute names. Why listen!!? Your boy has spread sedition, hate, treason. Silence is assent.


No, I don't disparage Stalin after his death. I would have disparage him if I were living at the same point in time as Stalin much like I disparage little China Choey, a hypocrite at the height of his game. Your 'lord and savior' stated in his first month as 'Resident of the United States' that anyone who enters a Federal Building MUST wear a mask...period, including him!! How do you know how close the cameraman was to little Choey. If we look at little Choey Biden and all of his years of deceit and lying to the public (352,500 lies and still counting..............eg., "I graduated in the tops of my class with 3 college degrees"....2 lies in that little punk's statement right out of the chute). Like those closed-down businesses and the hikes in petroleum prices? Stay tuned for more of the same from your little clodhopper gawk scaramouch punchinello harlequin fool. Speaking of fools, Mark Twain stated that it is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled. You have been had :-/

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