The “post-Mueller” political world is well underway, and Congress in many forms will predictably waste time and money trying to determine if POTUS is in the legal clear. We voters, for the most part, already know that no criminal conspiracy with Russia existed, and that is a good thing for our democracy.

What is not a good thing is, without a doubt, the Russian cyber gangsters will be back for the 2020 election. President Trump’s international “buddy” Vladimir Putin did not get a pass from Mueller, as 12 military intelligence officers were indicted by him. Evidence is also growing that Putin’s team played some role in the now contentious U.K. “leave” vote. Furthermore, let us not overlook Putin’s partnering with Bashar al-Assad in the bombing of innocent Syrian citizens. Finally, Putin has just recently sent 100 soldiers to Caracas for the purpose of providing training to Venezuelan troops. We can only watch from the political sideline that so-called training unfold and even if more Russian troops will arrive in Venezuela.

I believe Congress would be much better served to turn its attention from post-Mueller issues to how to counter/stop the international division Putin has effectively developed with many of our international partners. Perhaps, too, as the 2020 presidential campaign begins in earnest, I hope some candidates will turn our relationship with Russia (Putin) into a top issue.

Rick Theken

Barre Town

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