Why does Donald Trump want to take food from the mouths of needy children? Today, I heard the news about a federal government rule change that will affect our food stamps program. It will be impossible for 3 million Americans to get enough to eat, and thousands of Vermonters will suffer. That’s crazy.

The government claims it will save a lot of money. That’s an affront, coming on the back of trillion-dollar tax cuts for the rich. Everyone should vote, donate, write or protest. Do whatever you can to stop these vicious, sticky-fingered clawbacks.

Michael Madill

West Topsham


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When I was growing up (1950's), we didn't have 'food stamps', our family was poor, but we also didn't spend monies on new cars, and scads of electronic gadgets. Know your priorities, if you desire to be man/woman at night, then be a responsible man/woman during the day, work and feed YOUR OWN family. I didn't know of any families when I was growing up who went hungry, perhaps a better environment and era to be a part thereof.

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