It is interesting to read the following statement by a pediatrician concerning the abortion debate. On March 22, Dr. Howard Dean said, “Every woman should have the right to decide when and if she wants to be a parent.” As the good doctor knows, when abortion comes into the equation, it is only because the woman (and one particular man) already are parents. The only question is — how is the future decided for the child already entrusted to her care?

There are ultimately only two ways of determining how we act — power and love. The rule of power is someone else must make a sacrifice for my good. The rule of love is I make a sacrifice for the other’s good. Love, where necessary, even gives up one’s own rights for the needs of the other.

We are a sanctuary (state and many cities) for the disadvantaged and weak from other places. We are expected to act with love and make sacrifices for the sake of those refugees. Why are we not also a sanctuary for the most defenseless and unwanted — the unwanted child in the womb?

Gesualdo Schneider


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