With hundreds of other Vermonters, I recently attended the Rally for Life in Montpelier on a cold Saturday morning. Everyone I spoke to said they were reacting to recent [the] legislative proposal to protect abortion. Your coverage of the march was disappointing: a captioned photo.

Afterwards, many packed the State House to listen to Ann McElhinney, who spoke to marchers about the making of her movie, "Gosnell, The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer," co-produced with her husband. The movie, released last fall, played after the march at the Capitol Theater; it was the Vermont premier. I drove two hours to watch the movie because it was not available in Vermont. As I understand, the film was the product of the most successful "crowdfunding" effort ever because the producers were unable to obtain funding via traditional means. As an even cursory online search reveals, the film and the true story were largely ignored by the media — just like the march in Montpelier.

Isn't it news that the producer of this film came to Vermont and spoke at the Rally for Life about an abortion doctor currently serving a life sentence in Pennsylvania for murdering babies soon after their birth; that Gosnell's trial was largely ignored by the media during the trial; that McElhinney's experience in learning about the Gosnell case spurred her to write a bestselling book and make a movie; that learning of Gosnell's horrible crimes moved her from self-described neutral on abortion to a staunch pro-life advocate?

Thomas Kelly


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