The world’s biggest electric vehicle company sells as many as 30,000 vehicles every month and has about a quarter-million employees. No, not Tesla, BYD, based in Shenzhen, China. Closer to home, Puerto Rico is on track to completely ditch all non-renewable energy sources by 2050 and that includes giving the axe to its coal-burning power plants this year.

Is there a chance that 2020 will actually reflect and define a clear vision as to what this nation needs to do? Are you ready to get your eyes checked? Are you ready to see what is right in front of you?

We cannot continue with the corruption, the abuse of the rule of law, party politics over the needs of the citizens, hypocritical standards for justice. The requirements: 1] Obstructive act; 2] Nexus to an official proceeding; 3] Intent — have been presented in Mueller’s report. More than one set, in fact. Congress needs to act to clear the path and allow new representation of both parties to provide a real choice in November 2020 as to how this country will move forward. More of the same will be the end of this nation.

People of the world are moving in the right direction now, not later, not after the election. The youth of the world are voicing their opinions, are we as a nation ready to bring democracy back into the light?

Alfred S Blakey


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