Rep. Arthur Peterson is using children, families and vulnerable people in his district as pawns for his political game. As someone who claims to be a man of faith, he should be reminded of Ephesians 4:31: “Let all bitterness and wrath, and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.”

Look at his voting record.

He voted against a bill that requires relinquishing a defendant’s firearms in the event of emergency relief from abuse.

The only 'no' vote on H.171, Peterson voted against ensuring low-income families receive necessary child care support.

He did not vote in support of S.79, an act protecting Vermont tenants from carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards.

He was one of 19 "no" votes on H.225, an act relating to reducing the penalty for possession of a life-saving buprenorphine. Vt. Rep. Peterson does not believe tenants, folks with substance-use disorder, children or women are worthy of protection.

Only one of five "no" votes on H.315 (Act 9), Peterson voted against extended COVID-19 relief for Vermonters, including economic aid for businesses, housing assistance, mental health services, grants to Reach-Up participants, and exemption of the first $10,200 of unemployment from taxation.

Last, Peterson voted against S.15 (Act 60), which implements the mailing of election ballots to eligible voters, thereby facilitating voting. Restricting voting threatens democracy. Making voting accessible promotes democracy.

Voters of Clarendon: Your representative does not support the public schools or the children of your district, and who asks you to voice your opinion in a referendum to leave the Mill River Union Unified School District on the March ballot. Together, we should stand up and say we care about our children, their futures and our local public schools. Vote 'no.' Don’t support this effort that is harmful to children, families and our community.

Scott Garren


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