Pass H.57

It seems like a day doesn’t go by that I don’t read about another state passing restrictive measures designed to limit a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. Whether it’s Mississippi or Oklahoma, Republican-led legislatures are committed to destroying Roe v. Wade and rolling back women’s right to choose. These draconian laws are the result of politicians trying to impose their own belief systems on women by inserting themselves between a patient and their doctor.

With hostile conservative legislatures across the country pushing to get the Supreme Court to rule on abortion law federally, it’s more important than ever that Vermont take steps to protect women’s health. That’s why it’s critical that the Legislature pass H.57 and enact a constitutional amendment affirming personal reproductive liberty.

The stakes are high, particularly given the despicable actions of the Trump administration, who recently put into place new regulations that will ban federal family planning funds from going to health providers that provide abortion services. Anti-choice advocates in Vermont have applauded these measures and opposed H.57, knowing full well that a constitutional amendment protects women against the actions of the Trump administration and Supreme Court.

The Vermont Legislature has an opportunity to send a message to these other states, the Supreme Court and the Trump administration that Vermonters believe health care decisions should be made by a patient in consultation with medical professionals. Let’s pass H.57 and support the constitutional amendment to ensure women are able to make personal decisions about their bodies.

Conor Casey


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