Regarding Mr. Costello thoughts on the parking garage, as someone who has to travel to Montpelier, I disagree.

Montpelier is a destination town. As our state capital many people visiting would like to do more than just take a picture, and then move on. I have been to many state capitals. The highlight is getting out to walk around, have a meal and poke around the shops. Without better parking, we are telling people: Don’t visit us between January and May because our legislative process needs all the parking. Come back later.

“I’ve found no problem finding parking if I timed my arrival right.” What that says to me is there are not enough spots and if you want to get one you had better get here early. I often end up participating in meetings by phone knowing I won’t find parking in Montpelier. I would like to attend in person and then grab some lunch or last-minute gift from a local store, but I don't control the schedule.

I have hosted out of town business partners. Often they have to stay in Waterbury because there were no available rooms locally. The garage is needed for the hotel, and the hotel will bring people to our area, not send them elsewhere.

Montpelier is lucky to have a thriving downtown, but in this age of Amazon and Hello Fresh delivery, a lack of welcoming parking is going to be a contributing factor to the decline of this vibrant community.

Lori Belding

Barre City

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Howzabout promoting ‘free’ parking. I am in Florida and in the city of Naples, there are NO parking meters and the garages are all ‘FREE’.....imagine that. In fact, it was raining this afternoon, so my wife and I decided to see a movie in Marco Walk, Marco Island, and we parked in the parking garage for ‘FREE’....imagine that. Marco Island also has NO parking meters. Imagine that, a city that promotes it’s local businesses by providing ‘FREE’ parking :-)

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