In her Sept. 14 letter, Christine Smith took a mighty swing at Joe Biden and succeeded in knocking out Donald Trump.

As I recall, it was Trump who arranged the withdrawal from Afghanistan for May of this year and proudly bragged how Biden would be unable to halt the process.

As I recall, it was Trump’s secretary of state who foolishly elevated the profile of the Taliban by meeting with them face-to-face in Doha.

As I recall, it was Trump who proposed meeting with the murderous Taliban at Camp David just days before 9/11.

Talk about accommodating! Talk about a kinder and gentler approach to terrorism!

David Balfour


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Uhhh, President Trump wasn’t President during 9/11. Me thinks you are missing the point as little joey had all the power at hand to alter the outcome of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. After all, little joey was really good with the pen when he first became pResident of the United States.

Mike from Worcester

Why Trump Abandoned the Kurds, Explained

What happened in the lead-up to Turkey's airstrikes in Syria.


October 7, 2019

Trump and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Trump and Turkish president Recep Tayyip ErdoganPhoto by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Late on Sunday night, the Trump administration announced its decision to not interfere with a planned Turkish military campaign into northern Syria, leaving American-allied Kurdish forces vulnerable to a regime in Turkey that considers them a terrorist group. The news astonished foreign policy experts, drew criticism from Republican lawmakers, and even prompted the dependable White House cheerleaders at Fox & Friends to engage in some awkward on-air bickering. "What kind of message is that to the next ally that wants to side with us?" asked Brian Kilmeade to his co-hosts. "Now we say, 'Good luck. Good luck surviving.'"

On Monday, Turkey began its invasion of Syria in earnest, launching a series of airstrikes against a group that been protected by the United States armed forces less than 24 hours earlier. The Trump administration's decision will almost certainly prolong the Syrian Civil War, and may allow the same Islamic State terrorists that American troops spent years fighting to regain a foothold in the war-torn region.

Mike from Worcester

Uhhh, Huffpost- POLITICS 09/07/2019 07:15 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2019

Trump Says He Secretly Invited Taliban Leaders, Afghanistan President To U.S.. Where? Camp David.


As I'm recalling now, President Biden has reversed almost everything President Trump did except this. Do you think he did this backwards just so he could blame this disaster on President Trump? He does seem to be swimming upstream.

Mike from Worcester

After tRump brought down the troop level, gave a pullout date, let 4,500 terrorists go and totally blind sided the Afgan government the 'right' would have been screaming if he had brought troops back. It IS tRump's disaster (probably more advice he took from Putin or Erdogan (as he did when he abandoned the Kurds because the Turkish leader called him on the golf course and asked him too). The many tRump edicts he reversed were to give us back clean water, clean air, clean land and to stop befouling the world's waters and aquatic life with oil. The fact that so many people still like donald covid trump is what makes everything 'upstream'.

Bob P

Delusional as usual. First off, anyone that thought those prisoners we not going free as soon as we were out of there is crazy. Second, if obiden actually followed Trumps plan and kept Bagram base, and actually get all the civilians before our troops as was the plan, we would not have the cluster we do now. No matter how you paint it with you lefty narrative, the facts are that obiden did not listen to his leaders on the ground like he said he did and was just in to much of a hurry to have that 9/11 photo op. This is 100% on him and his administration.

Mike from Worcester

Delusional? Letting 4,500 extra terrorists go as we dropped our troop level to 2,500? We kept the base as long as possible. Ever met a lie you did not like?

Bob P

Again Mike, anyone that thinks those 4500 prisoners were not getting freed as soon as the Taliban took over is delusional. That would have been one of the first thigs to happen. As far as Bases, I am talking about Bagram. That base was more protected and protectable and had a far higher ability to move planes in and out. But this useless administration, against the advice of leaders on the ground gave that base up in the middle of the night before even starting to remove our citizens and those that helped us. Again you can spew that lefty narrative all you want, but the truth is right in front of you.

Mike from Worcester

Again, Bob. Listen carefully. tRump freed the murderers in September of LAST year. 2020. Good head start. How could that possibly be worse than freeing them after or as we left? 3 guesses. Your reasoning- lets release murderers in the US now as they will get out eventually. We kept the base. We needed the troops tRump sent home to keep more. tRump wanted us out on May 1st. We held out months longer. PutRump did as he was asked to by Russia. The new deal with Australia shows some actual backbone (rumored impossible with heel spurs) in reference to China. tRump abandoned Asia, our allies in Japan and S.Korea. He did worse in Europe, to Nato, Ukraine, the Kurds. You can gold plate your toilet and turds but they still stink. Photo op? Run the online videos of the thief speaking before the boy scouts. Too bad he could not stand some rain to honor American dead on D-Day. But we have seen he cannot handle an umbrella (though he did well covering himself and letting his wife get wet. Delusional? I'll take my 'delusions' over outride lies.

Mike from Worcester

At one point in the final days of evacuations from Afghanistan, flights were said to be taking off every twenty minutes from Kabul airport.

United States officials said "core" diplomatic staff had withdrawn from the country marking the final hours of its chaotic withdrawal.

The combined effort has led to more than a hundred thousand people being flown out of the country since 14 August, the day before the Taliban seized control of Kabul, the White House has said.

Here, Sky News looks at the global evacuation efforts.

Country People evacuated

United States 122,000

United Kingdom 15,000

Germany 5,347

Australia 4,100

Canada 3,700

France 3,000

The Netherlands 2,500

Spain 1,898

Belgium 4,400

Turkey 1,400 Sky News

We all KNOW putRump did not let the Afgan government participate in his Taliban deal. He did not tell our allies with troops there, either. He does love our 'enemies' (N.Korea, Russia, any dictator) more than our allies that he dumped on continually, because he wanted to be a dictator. What Present Biden did could not have been done much better given the treachery of putRump.

Bob P

And still delusional. The buck stops here, and the best one "we will not leave until every one is out" the guy is nothing but a senile fool that was looking for a photo op on 9/11. And to even imply the russia angle when it was obiden who literally just gave him a huge world standing with the pipe line ( you know the one that Trump would not allow russia to have). but hey, you keep on doing your copy and paste, and delusional thoughts because you are pretty funny to try and guess what kind of foolishness you come up with next.

Mike from Worcester

You root for a serial adulterer, possible rapist, definite misogynist, daddy's doctor's draft dodger, convicted and fined racist landlord who said nazis and white supremacists are "good people," who said he doesn't like P.O.W.s because "they got captured", called our war dead "losers", would not go out in the rain to honor D-Day dead, dumped on the handicapped, the blind, Gold Star Mothers, cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions so he could play golf (when not 'tweeting' or watching Fox or Lying -30,000+ DOCUMENTED) met with Putin with only a Russian translater present, loved N. Korea's and Turkey's dictators, dumped on our CIA, FBI, NSA, military intelligence saying he "believed Putin" over them, abandoned the Kurds and Syrians to die, gave a Trillion dollars in tax cuts to the corporations and billionaires who just increased their stocks, NOT jobs. You boost the guy who separated US from NATO, SEATO, our alliances all over the world, drew down the troops until nothing was defensible but the very walls around the airport, promoted no vax, no mask, let Americans die for HIS economy- which is not working Americas, brought Covid here when he threatened to close the airports to Europe, causing hundreds of thousands of panicked Americans to jam unprepared airports all over Europe and then let them come homeWithout testing before departure or after arriving. Of course he opened his mouth and caused his virus to come here and spread all over the country because he never does plan. He could have notified the airports, had testing and separation in place, told the airlines who could have added more flights, bigger planes, masking, testing, and told our State Dept. ahead so they could help manage- no airport until you have a ticket. He destroyed options for President Biden and you would have howled if he started returning the necessary armed forces. You cannot find one millionth the 'scandals/crimes against the duly elected Presiden (oops! I forgot he incited treason, sedition, rioting in our Capital to interfere with the Constitution and stopped talking to his V.P., who had to run for his life. Now he lies about that- 'Film at eight!' He stopped sanctions on Russia, after calling Putoin "a murderer". He stopped sanctions because out German alley pleaded it and he had to start dealing, only necessary because 'the donald' destroyed our once firm (the world backed US after 9/11) alliances. But I know I'll heard funny (not) demeaning nicknames and non existant in fact surs. That's the way your boy lives. Sorry for your delusions, sorry for our once great country that now has to fight back to Go! instead of progressing, that has to repair rather than make new, because of 'lying 45'.

Bob P

And again Mike, he lives rent free in your head and you are still delusional.

Mike from Worcester

You simply cannot refute all the tRump travesties that I cited. . All documented. Including the injuries and deaths of police officers on 1/6 and after. The multiple surgeries some have needed and still more coming with a few. The suicides of our police. tRumputin could have stopped that riot, the death threats, the damage. He encouraged it. As someone once said : delusional, "I do not think you know what it means".

Bob P

Mike, 1 police officer died and contrary to the liberal left narrative he did not die because of Jan 6. Even his mother said if was natural causes. Delusional and the meaning, there is a reason I keep saying that Trump lives rent free in your head, even someone that is so twisted should be able to figure that one out. But again, your falsehoods, like police being killed due to trump on Jan 6 just shows how you opinion is nothing more then liberal lefty fiction.

Mike from Worcester

Try responding to the 22 lines block previous. He's in my head like Benedict Arnold, Tokyo Rose, Robert Walker, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hansson and others who have done wrong by our Country. Police officials and federal prosecutors say that as many as 140 officers were injured during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“I have officers who were not issued helmets prior to the attack who have sustained head injuries,” Gus Papathanasiou, union chairman, said in a statement Wednesday. “One officer has two cracked ribs and two smashed spinal discs and another was stabbed with a metal fence stake, to name some of the injuries.”At least 81 Capitol Police officers were assaulted during the siege of the Capitol, according to filings by federal prosecutors. The filings did not detail injuries sustained by officers, and a Capitol Police spokeswoman did not respond to a Washington Post request for comment on officer injuries.

About 65 D.C. police officers also suffered injuries on Jan. 6, including several concussions from head blows from various objects, including metal poles ripped from inauguration-related scaffolding and even a pole with an American flag attached."

Police magazine.

Bob P

Well mike, do you even know of those 120,000 that the U.S flew out how many of them were actually our translators or people that had helped our troops all the time we were there. The answer is somewhere around 10-15 percent. Not many. Also as far as your hang up on Jan 6, would you point me in the direction of your comments that critized the "summer of love" riots last year. You know where thousands of police officers were injured and many were actually killed? This was ant the hands of BLM and Antifa, but I know its fine with you that that happened because they do not like the right, so in minds like yours what happened last summer was just for a cause and had to happen. Funny like anything else, if Trump or the right was associated in any way with them, people like you would have a completely out look as to what the did.

Bob P

Mike from Worcester

Well, Bob, look at my response from the 19th. Still no comments? You never address the facts, just throw up more smoke. Better check for antifa under your bed, Bob. Jeezem Crow, they must be everywhere, like the tRumper who tried to get people to loot after breaking window. Even if there was any truth to your screeds, and there isn't, they have NOTHING to do with the treason and sedition of 1/6. Or tRumputin bringing Covid here or trying destroy the environment or encouraging misogency, racism, violence or wrecking our alliances. The fact is tRumputin set up a disaster, as he did with Covid, the economy, our Supreme Court, Asia, Africa, Europe, our health care system and left it to be fixed, as always, by the Dems. Only, even worse, with full blown, pedal to the floor Republicant obstruction. 100% on him? PITIFUL.

Mike from Worcester

Thank you for the link you posted. It shows the damage to people and the Capital on 1/6. But not the damage to America.

Bob P

Well Mike, lets see, first off can you point me to all your negative comments about the "summer of love"? You know last year when thousands of police were injured and upwards of 8-10 were killed at the hands of BLM and Antifa. Never have I seen you post anything negative about those riots that did billions of dollars in damage, did damage to federal buildings and courthouses, and hurt police in the process. It is obvious that since they BLM and Antifa are against Trump, that you have no concern in what they do, or damage and harm they cause. By the way, your number of police that were injured at the capital is wrong. But I truly believe you know that with all the copy and post that you do, but you liked to spike the numbers to make your point. No problem, sane people know the truth.


Mike from Worcester

It is obvious 'Antifa' (you like fascists? tRumputin kept "Mein Kempf" at his bedside!) is in your head. And it is obvious you have no clue about the lives of Black Americans, or how little has changed. Or of how labor and human rights have advanced in America with union men, women and children being murdered by police, army and big business. Women were brutalized when seeking the vote here in America (not that they still aren't brutalized, as tRumputin near daily demonstrates). tRumputin did NOTHING to the good.

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