Vermont Republican Gov. "Veto" Scott did it again. This time he killed the hand gun waiting period for the purchase of this deadly weapon.

Saying that the waiting period won't stop suicide or murder with a gun, Scott vetoed the bill. How this right-winger arrived at that conclusion is beyond belief when guns have killed thousands of innocent people in America in recent times. This belief of his that it's the person, not the gun that kills, is the foundation for construction of more deaths.

Now Scott wants Vermont to beef up its mental health system, as he feels that's really the issue here, not guns. Gun nuts have this excuse for every senseless killing with a gun. It is the bad mental health department down the block that is to blame.

These gun nuts think that somehow a mental health worker can find all the potential crazy killers in America and put them all in a psych ward. Since that is impossible, they say guns are needed for their protection. Protection from what or from whom? Do they think we'll be invaded by the Russians? My question for them is: If the crazy person they are afraid of can't get a gun, how will he murder a bunch of innocent kids at school or someplace? Answer that one gun nuts!

Thomas W. King


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Bob P, ... ready? I don't disagree with anything you stated above. I question just what the impact of waiting 24 hours to make the purchase has on your ownership and use of the gun in the long run? If even one crime, murder or suicide committed within the first 24 hours of a firearm purchase could be avoided why would you not want to avoid it completely by the implementation of a 24 hour wait?

Bob P

My answer is simple, this really is nothing more then a feel good Bill that has no stats to back it up. It really is a slippery slope if we start using the "if it saves just one life" because we could say that about almost anything that goes on on a daily basis. If we took that stance, and if our law makers really felt that way, they would ban teenage cell phone use until they are 18, because there are actually stats that show the death rates of teens due to distracted driving, mostly due to cell phone distraction. Back to the 24 hour waiting period though, if our law makers really had the concern about saving lives, they would go for the source of the problem, not a convenient scape goat.


Thanks for the reply Bob P. Unfortunately convenient scapegoat, not real solutions, is all our law makers understand today.

Bob P

I certainly agree with that.

Bob P

Gun owner here, and sorry but I'm not nuts. I have a question for you, please show me in VT how many crimes, murders or suicides are committed within the first 24 hours of a firearm purchase. How about instead of going after legal gun owners and buyers, we put Doctors feet to the fire and make them immediately report any patient they have that is suicidal or mentally unstable to immediately report them to NICS, so they can't purchase a firearm to begin with. Or how about we start holding family or friends accountable when they say nothing if they have a friend or family member that is suicidal and they do nothing.

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