In response to the article "Volunteers offering deliveries for those isolated in Marshfield and Plainfield" in the March 20 edition, I wanted to send a thank you to all those offering services like this in this terribly uncertain and foreboding time. If we can preserve strong community ties even through times like this, our chances of having a decent future on the other side of the storm become that much greater.

With that said, the completely uncalled for Millennial-bashing by Montpelier Public School enrichment coordinator Drew McNaughton in the middle of the story was rather jarring, and perhaps not the best strategy for inspiring young people to help in the effort.

It seems strange to have to tell this to someone who works with younger generations on a regular basis, but the younger generations have faced and are facing a number of challenges including but not limited to not having livable wages, lack of affordable housing, crushing student debt, and the looming specter of climate change (for which they will be left holding the bill).

This is a time for all of us to come together, not for him to lecture younger generations on what he perceives to be their failings. Or for The Times Argus to print the quote, for that matter.

May we all get through this situation with limited pain and suffering.

Tim Favorite


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