Tom Kelly’s commentary about legislation protecting a woman’s right to an abortion is off base on many counts. If men object to abortion, there is one simple step they can take: never be part of the act of creating a child.

His offense with the support of the legislation by Planned Parenthood is also off the mark as the organization, funded almost entirely by non-government monies, helps prevent unwanted pregnancies by educating women (and men) about birth control and making it available to literally tens of thousands of people.

Completely missed in his writing is the fact that nearly 30,000 children around the world die each and every day from preventable causes other than late term abortion. Thirty thousand. That is an issue worth writing a commentary about.

No woman makes a decision about abortion easily. Of course, we need to do more to reduce the number of abortions — by supporting education, birth control, responsible parenting, etc. And we can also make every child who is born into this world, not only healthy, but welcome and loved.

I don’t expect to change Mr. Kelly’s mind but I do hope others who read his off-kilter piece will not be swayed by his words into believing he is addressing the real problem, because he is not.

John Snell


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