I heartily thank our state senate for passing S.R.5, the resolution to keep Vermont free of nuclear bombers. The Senate’s 22-7 vote affirmed our state’s opposition to having vehicles used to wage nuclear war based in Vermont’s most populous county.

As someone who grew up in the Cold War era, I remember how the threat of a nuclear holocaust was with us daily. We knew we were targets. If one side or the other pushed that button, our chances of survival were not good.

We went through drills in school on how to survive a nuclear attack launched by our enemies then, the Soviet Union. The idea that we could be vaporized in a few seconds was our constant companion. I was seven years old during the close call of the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962.

Now, over half a century later, our bombastic president and his bellicose national security advisor — both of whom nicely ducked out of going to war themselves — are ramping up the possibility of another endless quagmire in the Middle East with Iran. What these idiots could let loose is frightening to someone like me, who had to live with the possibility of nuclear annihilation during childhood.

I ask our whole state Legislature to think much about these same risks in January. This is a serious issue and, as the vast support for the Senate vote suggests, it is one that Vermonters from around the state want urgent action on.

Walter Carpenter


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Bob P

Amazing how those that hate Trump are quick to attack him for his draft situation, but are completely silent of the likes of Bernie Sanders and Their front runner in the democratic Presidential run, Mr. hands on himself Joe Biden. You know, 5 deferments and them medically unfit, unless there was a National emergency. Sounds families to me.


"our bombastic president and his bellicose national security advisor — both of whom nicely ducked out of going to war themselves "—----kind of like #44, the 'community organizer' and his Secretary of State who sold weapons grade uranium to the Soviets. What will you do if Vermont is attacked by whatever ballistic means from the enemy, are you going to 'expect' help from the military with pop and cap guns...……….No nukes...……..geeze :-/

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