The so-called “Friends of Montpelier” personify the only thing that is wrong with Montpelier. They bring meaning to the adage “with friends like you, who needs enemies.”

Steven Post


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Steven, this space should not be used as a place for flippant insults. I am NOT one of the "16" friends of Montpelier.. but I do object to the financing strategy of the parking lot. The process was pushed through very quickly before many residents had a chance to understand the details. That said, the point of my message is to encourage you to engage in substantive debate, not insults.


These 16, in my experience, are promoting their own personal agendas over the economic needs of our downtown. One had the nerve to tell me she was watching out for the interests of the merchants, despite the downtown merchants (which includes myself,) having stated clearly, that we are in favor of the project. Our needs include economic growth and more visitors to our downtown. And they are doing everything they can to prevent it.

Their actions have left a very sour taste in my mouth.

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