As President Biden and Vice President Harris take office after the idiotic attempt by radicals to storm Congress and stage a coup, Democrats need to remember that nearly half of American voters chose Trump in the past two presidential elections.

Many of those voters neither liked Trump nor approved of his behavior. However, they feared the Democrats, particularly for the heavily promoted radical gun control agenda espoused by candidates Biden and Harris.

To increase the likelihood of domestic tranquility, the new administration needs to focus on creating jobs and advancing public health and greater economic fairness —  New Deal stuff. They need to tread lightly around passion-provoking issues. Until recently, gun control, for example, was not a Democratic priority except in the deep South or Northern cities where establishment bigwigs sought to deny Blacks and immigrants full American rights. "Fly-over" communities will continue to resent the lavishly-degreed elites who rule from their coastal havens.

But good jobs and good health can do much to forestall the rise of a new, "cleaner" right-wing demagogue, provided traditional liberties aren't further attacked and curtailed.

Andy Leader

North Middlesex

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