I'm not a big NFL fan ... lately been getting into the "violence" of the NBA and MLB more.

Shouldn't the choice of whether a child (where all this stuff starts) should or shouldn't play football (or any contact sport) be largely in the hands of the parent(s)? Most agree with this, I think.

The mystique of professional sports is a very appealing commodity to many younger people, driven by the desire to excel in a sport and by the financial benefits gained. It's not likely to disappear, even as medical science identifies the dangers involved.

So, is the idea to safeguard contact sports or to label them as a danger to one's health? What would/might happen if you were to "minimize" all contact sports? Maybe it might encourage kids to further their studies, or maybe have more time to engage in other forms of entertainment — video games, for example, another type of violence in many cases, yes? One that may play moral havoc of an individual within?

What about the violence that much of our culture feeds on anyway? The winning or losing of a football game is not the end of the world. Much more serious is the violence of people who think they can engage in acts they believe they can get away with. With God, it's an internal thing, dealing with the violence within.

P.S. I very much appreciate your opening comment regarding Sunday morning sacredness, way to go. God bless. Thank you.

Thomas Welsh


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