So I go through the door at the Plainfield Maplefields (a door bearing a sign asking people to wear masks when they come inside) and there are 10 customers in the store, seven of whom are "too cool" to wear a mask.

What's wrong with these folks? If they have a death wish, more power to them. But why would they want to take others with them? I wear a mask not only to protect myself but to protect them. Why can't they extend the same courtesy?

Later, I go to Plainfield Hardware, which has a door sign saying anybody who wants to enter must wear a mask. Good for the hardware store; bad on customers who don't wear masks.

Strat Douthat


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It is very unfortunate that the same people that are too reckless and irresponsible to wear masks appropriately are following the lead of a president who is too cowardly and narcissistic to do what’s right. They deserve to be shamed for what they are.

Bob P

That's typical leftist response, everything is Trump or his followers fault. Sad that some are to obsessed with Trump, and to gutless to lay the blame where it belongs, Governor Scott and our heath commissioner Levine. Just think if you used your energy to push our Vt officials to mandate mask wearing instead finding every little thing , true of not, to disparage Trump and his voters.

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