I started my day with the depressing idea of having to face the rantings of Donald Trump yet again. It has bothered me for some time that people, including his ‘best people’ chosen by him, use the word "moron" when describing him.

Moron is a term once used in psychology and psychiatry to denote mild intellectual disability.

There are enough problems with people’s mental health without applying a clinical term randomly to someone and turning it into an insult. That usage has even caused the mental health community to stop using it as a psychological term.

That begs the question: What would be a replacement for moron that people could use to define Donald Trump more accurately in their opinion? Why not just make up a word!

Since he is often totally off the mark, the obvious word would be mor-off. Imagine my surprise when I did a Google search on the word only to find the Urban Dictionary already has it documented.

Moroff - a person that is too stupid to qualify as a moron. Someone who’s lack of intelligence is insulting to most human beings, a person with no excuse for wasting oxygen on our planet.

The find made my day.

Alfred S. Blakey


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