There appears to be, most unfortunately, a breakdown in our society of late. It is emblematic of the devolution of personal responsibility, moral turpitude and inter-personal ethics. This has been on the rise over the past decade. It seems that, despite its destabilizing impact on our democracy, this trend is accelerating.

Until recently, Vermont was largely spared from this 'moral pandemic.' This no longer appears to be the case, as this 'moral virus' has finally discovered our little enclave of a community,

I am, of course, speaking of the contestation of the recent Ward 2 City Council election results by Brian Judd.

The correct response to the absence of a desired outcome in an event is to work harder to achieve said outcome the next time. It is not to complain, whine and interfere with the workings of the system. Occam's Razor suggests the simplest theory is almost always the correct one. Therefore, one should consider their loss in a contest that has been determined essentially the same way for centuries, actually represents a loss. A logical conclusion would not be to change the entire system.

Altering a question to make your answer on a test correct, has never been an acceptable method to the truth.

Mark Waskow


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