Lauzon takes a cheap shot at Peter Anthony and Sue Higby for his own political agenda. When the Barre Development Review Board gave a demolition permit for the SPA structure, two people went to the city council making a plea to save it. Those two people were Ed Stanak and Joelen Mulvaney. Peter Anthony was the deciding vote denying the permit.

The newly revived Barre Historical Society took on the task of finding a purpose and others who would put it to good use. Once that was promised, real estate investors emerged. Sue Higby is one of the original (I think) board members who created the arts center and, as the current director, has been directly involved in its sustainability. She volunteered her time and efforts for many years to this project until becoming director.

Volunteers get nothing more than the satisfaction of helping others in return for their efforts. I appreciate philanthropy wherever it is, whether from financial or volunteer support, but equating donors or investors with volunteers insults the integrity of those who give without gain.

Did the original investors make money on the deal, either directly or ancillary? To describe them as totally altruistic in their support of the project is specious; they are real estate developers and even if no dollars were realized, having SPA as an anchor downtown where they have much investment can’t hurt their bottom lines.

Joelen Mulvaney



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