I think if Mr. McClaughry clearly understood the menace of climate change, he would have rambled derisively a little less (what point was he making, anyway) and supported Vermont's sincere efforts to be part of the climate solution mandating EV sales, rather than just to be another complainer who looks away from the crisis we have created. We are currently faced with four climate tipping points (such as melting of the permafrost) that would engulf the economies of virtually every nation and cause human misery on a global scale.

We missed in Congress by one vote (Manchin) to enact the most effective policy (say Nobel economists) in cutting carbon, far more than by waiting for EVs. How? Price carbon (call them 'dumping fees,' not taxes) and return all fees (see, they are not taxes) to residents who are "paid to go green." Resources for the future say even now that would close the carbon cutting gap we have promised to close.

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