It's tax time. Follow the money. It will assuredly lead to the truth.

Given the gravity and implications of numerous investigations into the Trump crime organization, and all that that entails, it is time.

This is not just any crime organization; it involves the presidency of the United States of America. Such a discovery will likely expose what every American deserves to know. Were illegal financial dealings undertaken strictly for personal gain at the expense of American democracy and electoral integrity? Will tax records reveal the truth?

Meanwhile, as the investigations unfold, suspend presidential pardoning power. Do not allow the very same criminals who are agents of lies and deception against our democracy to walk free. Do not allow the don, or Donald, the time to cover up his own tracks.

No more Supreme Court appointees, no more high ranking cabinet positions, not even a parking lot attendant should be appointed by this president until the truth is known.

The real national emergency is to prevent the selling out of our democracy. It never was the answer to a campaign stunt in the form of a wall at our southern border.

Follow the money.

John Kennedy Mauro


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Thank you, Mr. Mauro.

You said it, clearly and to the point. It not only needs to be said it needs to be acted on and soon.

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