I know Vermont is a Democratic state and diehard Vermonters, but do you realize what Democrats are doing to this country?

Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Biden — They won't be happy until this country is a socialist country and our Constitution is no more and we are all dependent on our government to survive, with all the free money they hand out.

They want to control us and tell us what to do and they are doing it. Don't have to work, free rent, free food, free everything — that's the way communists operate and I hope that Vermonters open their eyes and see what is going on, what Joe Biden is doing to these United States, and do something about it.

I'm 87 years old and never seen a leader like Joe do what he is doing to this country and Congress is going along with it and hope things will change in 2022 and save our country.

God save our country.

Lawrence Jacques


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