White supremacy

White authority

White privilege

White superiority

White influence

White entitlement

White advantage

White opportunity

White exemption

White money

White dominion

White immunity

White intolerance

and for these reasons and more,

Black Lives Matter.

Fred Wilber


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White Vermont progressives have become opportunistic with all things related to black lives matter. If you remember, Bernie Sanders lost the African American vote to Joe Biden which ultimately cost Bernie the election. So the progressives are Trying to rectify that by going all in with the BLM movement. It’s a disingenuous maneuver, and pretty transparent if you take a closer look.


I'm surprised you didn't demand an Only White Network to counter OWN.


Mike from Worcester

pathetic in the extreme. surprising? no.


You forgot one item and to compliment BET (Black Entertainment Television) and that would be WET (White Entertainment Television)…...whoops, my bad, whites don't have WET. BET and no WET, looks like Racism to me. In case you are wondering as you wander...…..Black Flies Matter :-

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