Vermont's Gov. Scott, in a recent op-ed, laid out his plea for balance, civility and respect. To Scott, this is a both-sides thing, and this is why I have thoroughly changed both my personal and political opinion of him.

It's important to understand Scott's freely chosen Republican Party does not reflect Donald Trump. In truth, it is Trump merely reflecting today's Republican Party. Gov. Scott's political party of choice has spent decades bringing forth a violent, racist, authoritarian view of governance, and then the entire GOP sat back and watched either with glee or frozen, fearful impotence, as their boy Trump turned our federal government into a self-enrichment scheme that depended upon viciously, and sometimes violently, attacking those who deigned to disagree.

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Phil Scott is more of the old school VT Republican kind oflike Deane Davis, Snelling, Jeffords, Stafford and Prouty.. To save the Republican party there needs to be voices like them. Phil is actually to the left of many Democrats in more southern states like Maryland and VA. He should encourage common sense fiscally conservative Republicans who are more empathetic and socially liberal.

Mike from Worcester

I have agreed with you before, but as a retired RN, RNC, CCRN I think the Governor did a great job with Covid. In my 70++ years I have alternated between Dem. and Prog., but still hope there are more people across America, like Phil, who can reclaim an actual moral, loyal opposition. And tRump, Desantis, Moscow Mitch are not it. If I had to bet, I'd say Gov. Scott is not a Fox/NewMax watcher. We need people on both sides to bring back discourse with humanity, morality, science and facts. Gov. Scott is one on the National few.


Oh do you need to see your name in print again Mike

Mike from Worcester

Clever! I actually had something to say. You? No. But I bet you are real excited. Ask T/A for bigger print for your inane name. Maybe use multiple colors.

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