At its most fundamental level, what is the dispute about abortion all about? It’s one person interfering with another person’s doctor-patient relationship, isn’t it? Who would tolerate that with any other medical situation? What would you say if your doctor was prevented from giving you all the relevant information about your medical condition? You’d be outraged.

Leading medical groups such as the American Medical Association and American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists oppose political attempts to interfere with the doctor-patient relationship. They prevent health care providers from giving their patients the best health care possible in an individual situation. That only makes sense.

H 57, a bill in the Vermont legislature, puts into law current State of Vermont practice, which has no restrictions on a woman’s access to reproductive health care services, including abortion. It ensures that women’s access to abortion stays the way it is—unrestricted, and gives women certainty under the law. It’s the first step in ensuring Vermont women have the same access to reproductive and abortion care that they have had for the last 46 years.

Don’t be confused or distracted by the focus on late term abortions. They are extremely rare, involve severe fetal anomalies and serious threats to the woman’s health. And most fetal anomalies can’t be detected before 20 weeks. This is a non-issue.

When women have access to the full range of reproductive health care it helps them control their lives, health, and future. And their personal and family economic situation remains within their control. Not someone else’s political agenda.

Guaranteeing a woman’s reproduction rights contributes to making a Vermont that works for all of us. And that surely includes treating all women like adults, capable of making their own decisions, not just a few with resources to arrange special treatment or travel.

I support H 57, the bill in the Vermont legislature that insures these rights. Call your state senator. Urge her or him to support this bill.

Bill Kuch



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