Quite a July 4th scenario: Trump had a parade featuring tanks and other military pomp and ceremony while refugees at the Rio Grande border crossings are largely being ignored by the American public and, in a mockery of humanitarian sensibility, being abused by the Trump administration and many of its border agents.

The current edition of The Bridge includes an Independence Day feature article by Stephen Perkins titled "When Lafayette Came To Montpelier." In his praise of liberty and the sacrifices of Vermonters in fighting for that liberty, Lafayette saw only hope and promise for the new republic. From the State House balcony, on June 28, 1785, he replied to U.S. Federal Judge Elijah Paine's welcoming words: "Sir, I have now accomplished one of the greatest objects in my life; I have visited the twenty-four states of the Union; I have been the happy witness of the immense, rapid and ever-increasing results of Independence, Republican Institutions of self-government, and you, Sir, and all of you, I congratulate on the public and domestic happiness which is enjoyed by the citizens of Vermont and I beg you to accept my affectionate and respectful thanks."

What would he have said to Vermont and the other 49 states on this Independence Day anniversary?

Joseph Whelan


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