A failure by the Biden DOJ to charge former President Donald Trump with planning to overthrow the election of 2020 and to take him into custody for violating his oath to protect and defend the Constitution, merely delays a constitutional crisis that is still brewing. Jan. 6 was not a failed coup, but prelude to the coup to follow.

Thomas Jefferson saw the Electoral College as a bomb waiting by “some unlucky chance” to explode. In a letter to George Hay, he wrote “I have no hesitation in saying that the mode of electing a president as the most dangerous blot on our Constitution, and one which some unlucky chance will some day hit.” Aug. 17, 1823.

Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes in 2016, yet he still won the presidency. In 2020, he lost by 9 million, but 11 months later, still claims to have won in the Electoral College. Imagine an election in which the White House is occupied by someone with a deficit of 12 million votes. It’s Jefferson’s “unlucky chance” come true 302 years later: The unpopular winner declares demonstrations and stalemate in Congress are a national emergency and assumes power under a secret law never debated by Congress.

Craig Gilborn

East Dorset

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John Reynolds

This is well stated C G, elections should be decided by one person one vote with the win going to whoever gets the most.

As for D Trump I think the man should at least be barred from ever running for office again.


And so in your mind, it is just fine for the folks of the 'cities' harbouring a much smaller geographical area to 'dictate' to Sally Suburban and Country Joe their own wishes and desires. Hence, the need for the Electoral College :-)

Mike from Worcester

Rural states with small populations have the same power, via the senate, as states with large urban populations. Populations change. Last I checked, the geography doesn't. Unless you are counting on global warming to eliminate a lot of the coasts.


That election was taken "fair and square" with mail fraud, unconstitutional election procedure changes by judges and Secs of State (not legislatures) and vote maching hacking by China. If the Republicans wanted to win they should have cared enough to do whatever it took like the radical left.

Mike from Worcester

tRumptuin lied. He did his best to get others to lie. He fostered treason and insurrection. He lost. The main thing about 'the left' being 'radical', is that, in the time of right wing hatred and divisiveness, they have been the people fighting for the Constitution and democracy and the right to vote and against the GQP racism and misogyny.

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