In response to ‘Pass H.57’

I’m wondering, Conor, have you ever read the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision? If not, allow me to refer you to Stephen Prothero’s book titled “The American Bible — Whose America is This?”

Have you read the majority opinion of SCOTUS Judge Harry Blackmun? Roe v. Wade is thought to be tied to this justice more specifically than to the others. You might say that it was his “baby” or that he might be credited as the “father” of this federal law. Interesting choice of words, yes?

I noted that there was no mention of either “father” nor “baby” in your article, though you did reference “doctor” and “medical professional.” You also failed to mention God, whom many believe to be the author and finisher of all life.

Let’s get back to the law itself. The pro-abortion lobby has accepted this law as its political anchor since 1973. To quote Prothero in his book: “In the majority opinion, Justice Harry Blackmun rejected the state’s claim that the fetus was a ‘person.’” Prothero continues, “He (Blackmun) also rejected the view that women had an absolute right to end a pregnancy at any time and under any circumstance.”

Have you considered the social and immoral upheaval in the wake of Roe? “Freedoms” to do our own thing, reject authority, etc., 2019, a little deja-vu? Unrestricted abortion? What you desire? With absolutely no moral culpability? Now that’s “draconian.” We reap what we sow.

Thomas Welsh


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