The old saying "If it feels good, don't do it" should ring true as impeachment is considered. Every logical argument suggests that this is the correct path forward; however, there is nothing logical about Washington. Trump was elected by mob mentality, not merit. Impeachment, successful or not, will stir up the mob in an unprecedented fashion and will lead to disastrous results.

If unsuccessful, impeachment will bring every hillbilly out of the woodwork to the ballot boxes to vote for their beleaguered leader which will be very dangerous, particularly given the extremely shaky Democratic candidate pool. This will result in four more years.

Perhaps even worse, a successful impeachment could usher in the Pence era which could lead to an unforeseen number of years with the inmates running the asylum.

Trump was elected with the full knowledge of his persona. To believe mob votes are going to swing because of yet another unethical move on his part, is beyond naive.

Impeachment by Congress is checkers. "Impeachment" by voters at the ballot box on Election Day is chess.

Anders Holm

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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'Resist' is the cry of the leftist mob with recorded violence of Antifa leading the way. Want a revolution, you are asking for it with a very quiet but heavily armed 'hillbilly' militia, stay tuned :-)

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