As many of you have now read or heard through the grapevine, the City Council has decided not to sell, and to retain ownership of the Wheelock House.

This decision was reached after councilors [Rich] Morey, [John] Steinman, and I toured the building for ourselves. The space was going to need extensive renovation for a new developer to make use of the space; additionally, we wanted to put restrictions on the building to require it retain its historic character and presence in downtown. Due to these and other factors, we decided it was highly unlikely that a developer would come in with a proposal that we could get behind.

Personally speaking, I was also interested in keeping the Wheelock House a public asset. I have long held the belief that Barre’s rich history can be a template for its future, and I believe that this building belongs to all of us here in Barre, as a community space. In that spirit, I advocated in Council for a public hearing, in which members of the public are invited to give their input on what they believe should be done with the Wheelock House.

I invite all of you to the Wheelock House on July 9, at 6 p.m., to share your ideas with the Council.

Together, embracing Barre’s rich history and welcoming its future, we can work together to continue to make Barre the best place to live in Vermont

Edward “Teddy” Waszazak

Ward 2 city councilor


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Get out the 'bulldozer' :-/

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