Donald Trump, in his June 20 Tulsa, Oklahoma, speech, echoed past Republican words, "The Silent Majority."

I don't get it. They are armed to the teeth, screaming at elected officials in Michigan. They are screaming on Twitter and Facebook. They are screaming on Fox News and other "odd" news channels.

The "Silent Majority" is one noisy hen house full of chickens screaming the sky is falling, so they can ration they should pull the rest of us into their noise - over and over again.

Ronald Grande


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Bob P

'odd" channels. Do you mean the channels that are not left leaning like most of the MSM out there today.

Mike from Worcester

or do you mean Alex (those murdered kids were paid actors) Jones, or Rush (housekeeper go buy me drugs) Limbaugh, or Breitbart, or ........

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