A couple hundred community members have provided input through the "All in for Barre" Community Visit. One of the three community goals established is to create a Housing Task Force. We have a huge housing shortage ... for the homeless, renters and those looking to buy a home. Step 3 in this process on Oct. 20 is an opportunity for community members to come together with developers, landlords, and organizations like Downstreet, to make the idea of affordable housing become a reality. I hope you all can attend.

Separate from the above forums, residents trust City Council members to responsibly oversee taxpayer dollars. Through the work of our Congressional Delegation, Governor, and organizations like VLCT, Barre City will be allocated about $2.5 million through the American Rescue Plan Act. As part of publicly warned meetings, Council has started conversation on how ARPA funds can best be used and housing is an option. This process is slow and I do worry about people that will be without housing this winter. Council continues to hold public meetings with different organizations that can assist those needing housing now and to create the future housing needs in our community. I hope the Housing Task Force can assist these efforts even further.

If there are members of the public that have questions or would like to learn more about these efforts, I urge them to attend Barre City Council meetings. City Council meets Tuesday nights at 7 p.m., our hybrid meetings allow for people to attend in person or remotely, agendas allow for public comment, meetings are recorded and the outcomes are reported regularly through The Times Argus. City Staff and Council contact information can be found at www.barrecity.org or l.herring@barrecity.org where you can email me directly.

Lucas Herring

Barre City

The writer is the city's mayor.

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