Rosemary Lynn Averill’s fear-mongering commentary about Critical Race Theory adds to the right-wing three-card Monty game of focusing on boogeymen, such as cancel culture, and now CRT; thus, avoiding real issues and feeding people’s fears, not building knowledge.

Let’s be clear about what CRT is and is not. Wikipedia defines CRT as follows: Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a body of legal scholarship and an academic movement of civil-rights scholars and activists in the United States that seeks to critically examine U.S. law as it intersects with issues of race in the U.S.

So, CRT is a legal concept first put forward by civil-rights attorneys. It is discussed in law schools and perhaps in some college courses, not in primary or secondary schools. Our local schools teach history. It is indisputable that racism has been embedded in the law; slavery, Jim Crow, redlining and police brutality, just to name a very few. A basic tenet of CRT is that racism has been embedded in U.S. law. That is a fact, not a theory.

What is theoretical is exactly how United States laws past and present, intersect to support racism. What are the folks who have their bowels in an uproar about CRT afraid of? Apparently, it’s history and truth. They don’t want to honestly face hard facts. No nation, no state, no school, no person can solve their problems without first honestly facing them.

The injury and lasting scars of a racist past and present must be dealt with head on. It is false that CRT seeks to make “white people feel guilty.” No one thinks guilt or shame are helpful. Being knowledgeable and caring and responsible is helpful. We need to understand our history so we might work to form “a more perfect union.”

Donny Osman


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