I attended the Bullets into Bells event sponsored by Gun Sense and Bear Pond at the UU Church. I was dismayed to find that they had to hire security due to threats.

The gentleman whom I talked to said that they did not have guns, as you are safer without a gun when facing someone with a gun. We were all reminded of the times we live in when one speaker said that nowadays we are all one degree of separation away from a murder or suicide by gun.

One of the speakers said that his brother-in-law (who has 17 guns) agrees with him on background checks, no AR-15s, no bump stocks, etc., but won't support legislation as he thinks it is a slippery slope to losing all his guns (NRA propaganda, like Fox propaganda, seems to work well). Also, he said that, unlike NRA propaganda, guns do kill and we are not safer with guns in the house.

A speaker from Newtown said that we do have other issues in this country — mental health, white supremacy, domestic violence, etc. — but they are all made worse by guns.

The speaker from Bear Pond said she was glad that we were all there and she loved the book but she wished with all her heart that it need not have been written.

Sandy Bettis


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Bob P

Sadly then will not talk about the CDC's reports on defensive firearm use, that does not fit their narrative.

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