Myth: The AR15 rifle and others like it are "Assault Rifles" meant only for war.

Fact: Features of those guns which are different from the classic style of rifles, i.e., wire or folding butt stocks, a top barrel cover, are to make the gun easier to handle, more accurate and to fit a wider variety of users; they add nothing to the lethality of the gun.

Myth: The AR15, and similar guns, are vastly more powerful than more "traditional" rifles.

Fact: The cartridge used in the AR15 is the .223, delivering 1200-1400 ft/lbs of energy in comparison; the .270 delivers 2600-2800 ft/lbs; the .308, 2600/2800 ft/lbs; the 30-30, 1600-1800 ft/lbs; and the 20-06, 2800-3100 ft/lbs. Because of its small size and power, the .223 is not allowed for deer hunting in some states.

Myth from the anti-gunners: We support the Second constitutional Amendment and only want "sensible" gun laws.

Fact: Those who would pass more gun regulations don't know what they are talking about. They will not be satisfied until they have banned all firearm ownership in the U.S.

Kendel Stafford


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strat douthat

myth: the folks for sensible gun laws want to take away all your toys...

Bob P

First off, they are not toys and second if you think the left does not want to take away legal gun owners firearms, you have not been listening to the Dems Presidential hopefuls.


Mr. Stafford - " Features of those guns --- are to make the gun easier to handle, more accurate and to fit a wider variety of users;" by definition mean the gun is more likely to be used. A gun locked in a safe is less lethal. A gun more likely to be used is in fact far more lethal. A gun with a 100 round magazine is far more lethal.

I am a gun owner. That said the 2nd amendment stipulates "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." and that addressed the lack of a standing military to defend this nation at that time. We do not need to call a well armed civilian population to defend this nation. In fact the "Guard" is now and has been for years a branch of the active duty military this nation deploys in the never ending wars this world now experiences.

Well regulated does not mean losing the right to own, it means WELL REGULATED.

Bob P

Sorry Alfred. you and I have had this arguement about n AR15 a long time ago. The features on said firearm do not make it more accurate or easier to handle than almost any other firearm out there. As far as the "a gun locked in a safe" no thank you, crooks don't lock theirs up. Firearms are used defensively over 1 million times a year. How many of those do you think would have died because their firearm was locked in a safe?

Legal gun owners do not need the Government micro managing their firearms or their life. The debate of the meaning of the 2nd will go on, but you can be sure that it is also there to protect individual rights from an oppressive Government.

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