Reflections on the Decision America visitation by Franklin Graham: The very first thing Franklin Graham did Tuesday night was to pray, and encourage us to continue to pray, as Christians and Vermonters, for our governing officials, by name praying for Senators Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders, Congressman Peter Welch, and Governor Phil Scott.

There is no political agenda here. It is not about politics, but about prayer to the Lord for the oft difficult decisions men and women in leadership have to make given their responsibility to their constituents. We do pray God to be part of their thought process, not an unreasonable request. We believe the scripture is clear on this in Romans 13:1-7. God has given people, by His sovereign grace, positions of leadership and responsibility. He has also given us responsibility to affirm and submit to their authority as good citizens. Our response should not be based on popularity, charisma, etc., but on the understanding that the accountability of those in authority is not just to us, but to God, who oversees the process.

Deists and others believe differently in that an ethereal god established the world then took hiatus, allowing mankind to run it. How's that theory been going? Franklin (and us) offer prayers for the protestors out front — the same ones shouting that he and his message (the Good News) are not welcomed in Vermont. Is that really so? Citing Christ's first words on the cross 'Father forgive them, for they know not what they do'. Graham's takeaway: God loves you. Ponder.

Thomas Welsh


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