The Vermont State Employees Association is unnerved, agitated and annoyed by the comments made by station WCAX and the Corrections Department Commissioner about staffing in Vermont jails. They say it was incorrect and misleading and, in fact, jails are way understaffed, while the comments on WCAX made it seem different. The "Union" represents those jail and corrections staff and want better and more staff, not the status quo.

All of this could be easily resolved if the state employees at the jails and their "union" were allowed to strike. But, they are not and the state employees hands are tied. Any protest, walking off the job or job shutdown is forbidden in the contract which the VSEA agreed to. Since the VSEA is not a real union, but only an association, these jail staff are stuck with this situation which is dangerous.

Maybe it's time for state employees to get a real union and get rid of the VSEA.

Thomas W. King


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