The Los Angeles Times recently reported that properties owned by the President so far have been visited during 1,493 trips by U.S. government officials and by officials from 71 different governments.

You have to wonder if there were no Motel 66’s available. You have to wonder, what were the travel policies during the Bush and Clinton White Houses and how they would compare to these choices.

But White House Chief of Staff Mike Mulvaney summed it with, “Trump still considers himself to be in the hospitality business.” Sounds like good cash flow to me.

Now to the resolution of the Trump Foundation funds. The foundation raised $2.8 million at a fundraiser advertised for veteran purposes, which was illegally diverted to his campaign. So, to avoid further litigation and resolve the issue, $1.8 million remaining in the fund was distributed to eight charities. There were other misuses of the charities’ funds that the president admitted, too, but this was the major one.

In summary, whether or not Trump is impeached, there seems to be a constant trail of “gray” kinds of activity by this president that will probably only cease when he leaves office. So, I guess we the voters need to get used to it.

PS: Can’t wait for Trump's personal income taxes litigation issue to produce one way or the other more “gray” stuff, if it is resolved before the next election.

Rick Theken

Barre Town

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