‘Controversy’ an embarassment

The MSMS fundraiser “controversy” is an embarrassment to our children and our community.

Do we not work to teach our children the appropriate use of social media? Do we not teach them about making assumptions, the importance of getting the facts? Are we not their role models?

Perhaps teaching and modeling how one can get involved and put in the work for positive outcomes is a lesson more important than how to cause a controversy on social media.

What about the importance of communicating through basic human decency?

This is not a poverty issue, or a capitalism issue, shame on those who tried to turn it into one. This is a solution to funding things the school budget doesn’t fund so that all kids can participate and all kids can benefit.

As someone who has lived in poverty as a child and as a parent, I am not outraged by the school fundraiser, used in many schools in less “protest-driven” towns. I am outraged by the protest.

As a person who has taught, volunteered and been on parent groups, I am disgusted by the actions, words and ignorance some parents showed our community, their own children, our schools and school board and more than anything, the disrespect shown to, in particular, Lynnea Timpone, and the two or three other parents who diligently researched and chose this year’s fundraiser. It’s a great success compared to previous fundraisers.

Thank you, Lynnea, and the MPG, for supporting all of our students.

Brandi Jagemann


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