The "Not so free" June 27 editorial against free college raised valid points. Something that came so easily might not be taken seriously by the students at the time. Taxpayers are already stressed and stretched without supporting non-serious students.

I suggest, instead, former students' college loan debt be forgiven by the same institutions that benefited from taxpayers' bailing them out to the tune of billions. They have repaid that bounteous gift by giving us less than 1% on our savings accounts while student loan repayment interest can lurch into the double digits. Time for the banks to declare a Jubilee Year.

This suggestion would cost taxpayers nothing and help the economy tremendously. Many former students cannot afford to marry or buy houses because of crushing interminable debt.

Let's find a way. It may take a miracle, but they do happen.

Patsy White


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Interesting. I am truly amazed that a Trump supporter understands and so eloquently states "Pure and simple" that if you borrow from a bank you pay it back.


A 'miracle indeed' may wonders never cease :-


Not so fast. The basis of a business contract is the 'offer and acceptance'. The banks 'offered' student loans to folks who qualified for those loans, the students 'accepted' the terms of the contract for those loans. Pure and simple, you get a bill, you pay the bill and that is how miracles work :-/

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